Velvet soup of cauliflower and lemongrass  € 5,50
With thyme and honey grated goat cheese served on lamb´s salad with herb dressing Starter € 9,00
Main dish € 13,00
Fancy side salad € 4,00



Vegetarian Curry with goat cheese doughnut € 12,50


Regional dishes...

Schnitzel „Local Style“
Breaded pork escalope with braised onions, fried egg, baked potatoes and side salad
€ 14,50
„Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten“
Grilled Argentinean Rump steak coated with a Mustard- Onion crust served with salad and fried Potatoes
€ 23,00
Braised beef "Rhineland style" with raisins, almonds, red cabbage and potato dumpling € 17,00
Beef roulade with parsley- mashed -potatoes and king oyster mushrooms € 18,50
Entrecote with roasted vegetables and herb doughnut € 24,50
With herb farce filled breast of Guinea fowl served with celery puree and carrots  € 18,50
„Club Burger“
App. 225g Beef burger with Cheese, homemade Chilli dip, red onions and salad garnish
Served with French fries and BBQ sauce
€ 12,00



Salmon steak with pearl barley risotto and fennel € 17,50
Linguine with fish-Bolognese € 12,50


Sweet finish...

Small Pumpkin-Nougat cake with a compote of seasoned oranges € 6,50
Creme Brulee a compote of berries and vanilla ice cream € 6,00
"Raspberry dream"
Mascarpone-curd cream with raspberry sauce, meringue and amarettini biscuit crush layered in a glass
€ 5,50
Ice cream  (Strawberry, vanilla and schocolate) per scoop € 1,50


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